Studio Policies

Angela Kepley’s Percussion and Piano Studio
Countryside, IL 60525, 630-863-6041,

Updated Spring 2024


· Semester tuition is divided into two or three billing cycles per semester and is calculated at the rate of $40 per 30 minutes. Exact number of lessons in each billing cycle may vary from semester to semester.

· Drop-in lessons may have a higher rate. Contact Ms. Kepley for drop-in or package options for each semester.

· Percussion lessons are available at LTHS during band periods. Full period lessons are $70 and half period lessons are $35.

· Payment is due by the date on the invoice receipt.

· Checks are payable to Angela Kepley.

· A $15.00 late fee will be charged for any payment made after the due date.

· There are no refunds, regardless of the number of lessons attended.

· There is a $40 fee for any returned check or payment.


· Lessons are typically available Monday through Friday. Times vary based on the needs of the students and availability of the teacher. Summer schedule is typically different than during the school year.

· Holiday schedules vary each year, and will be communicated on a seasonal basis. This does not always align with school holidays, so please double check if you have lessons on a school non-attendance day.


· There will be no make-up lessons for a “no call/ no show.”

·  If a student cancels a lesson at least 7 days in advance through My Music Staff, the student will receive a make-up credit that can be used for any open lesson time or designated group make-up class during the semester. There are NO refunds issued for missed lessons, regardless of if students attend make-up classes.

· You will receive a make-up credit for any lesson cancelled by the teacher, whether due to illness, personal, or other reasons. This credit can be used for any open lesson slot throughout the semester. There are no refunds regardless of student attendance or usage of make-up credits.

· Cancelled lessons will be converted to open lesson times which will be available for other students.

· Online registration is available for open lessons until 5 days before that lesson time.

· Make-up credits expire at the end of the semester.

· A substitute teacher may be scheduled if necessary.

· There are NO refunds for lessons. For special circumstances such as prolonged illness, please contact Ms. Kepley directly. You must make special arrangements in advance when possible.

· Missed lessons at LTHS due to non-attendance day or any other conflicts fall under the above policies. The student is responsible for all schedule changes and acknowledges that the studio calendar does not always align with the school calendar. If a lesson falls on a non-attendance day for LTHS, the student is responsible for scheduling a lesson at the studio or for an alternate day.


Anyone wishing to discontinue lessons must give one month’s notice to avoid any additional charges. Failure to do so will result in charges for the following four lessons.

The teacher has the right to discontinue lessons with any student whom is not showing consistent growth or effort, or who is not cooperative.

Any misbehavior or instrument damage from a student may result in immediate and permanent removal from all lessons or classes.

Failure to submit payment within 14 days of each due date may result in the loss of the student’s lesson time.


Lesson materials including but not limited to music, sticks, and mallets may be purchased on an as needed basis by Angela Kepley and will be billed to the student. Most materials will be the responsibility of the student and will not be ordered through the studio.

Percussion equipment must be purchased according to the required list. Any exceptions or substitutes must be approved by Ms. Kepley.


· Parents, guardians, and students waive the right to any legal action for any injury sustained resulting from normal lesson activity or any other activity conducted by the students or their relatives or other companions before, during, or after lesson time, including hearing damage or loss.

·  Parents, guardians, and students understand that moving equipment may be a required part of lessons or ensembles. By participating in studio activities, lessons, classes, ensembles, or other events, all parents, guardians, and students certify that all participants are physically fit for these tasks and assume all risks associated with activities or events.


· Photos, videos, or other documentation of student lessons, performances, or other studio activities may be used for studio publicity, advertising, etc. Parents/Guardians who do not wish for their child’s photos to be used may submit a statement in writing to Ms. Kepley.

· Hearing protection is highly recommended for percussionists and is required for drumset playing and some ensemble rehearsals.

· Students ages 18 and under who take weekly lessons are required to perform annually in studio recitals.